Aztech Current Energy Monitoring (CEM) Devices and

Your Commercial and Industrial Energy Monitoring Solution

How does the Aztech CEM enable Measurement & Verification?
How does the Aztech CEM Solution work?
How will an Aztech CEM solution help us reduce our electricity costs?

A few simple steps from purchase to energy savings:

1 icon Contact Aztech or your distributor to find out which solution is right for you

  • Whether your business is a small commercial enterprise using single phase power or a large industrial enterprise using 3-phase power  our Current Energy Monitoring (CEM) solution will work for you.
  • Wired or wireless solutions – whichever is right for your facility.
  • For 200A to 3000A services.
  • Click here for product specifications.         

2 icon Complete your easy Installation

  • Compatible with all meter types.
  • Easy non-invasive installation.

3 icon Become a client and register your CEM devices

  • Sign up for a account.
  • Add your devices to your account.

4 iconUse this powerful business tool

  • Monitor and track your energy use.
  • Identify equipment and processes to update to enable deep energy savings.
  • Raise awareness with all departments and staff about energy usage and conservation plans.

upsized piggy-01 Success! See the results on your electricity bill

Please see our FAQ page for answers to the most often asked questions about our solutions. For Product and User Guides, and for more information about conserving electricity with Aztech, visit our Manuals page.