Frequently Asked Questions about Aztech Clamp Energy Monitoring (CEM) devices and the service

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Device FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Aztech CEM devices

Will Aztech Current Electricity Monitor (CEM) devices work without an internet connection?
What size of services can I monitor with your devices?
Do you have a device with more than 3 sensors?
Will your wireless products work with my WiFi router?
Where are the devices made?
Do you ship outside of North America?
What kind of warranty do the devices come with?

Device Installation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions when installing Aztech CEM devices

Does this product need to be installed by an electrician?
What gauge of wire can the sensors be attached to?
Do I need to configure my router to connect Aztech products to the internet?
Our network is protected by a firewall. Will this be an issue?
What is the MAC address of my device?

Device Installation Troubleshooting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions when troubleshooting the installation of Aztech CEM devices

Why can't I add the device(s) to my user account?
I've added my wireless gateway but I don't see any data?
I have the sensor(s) installed on my (appliance/ specific system) but I can't see when it turns on/off. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about

Do I have to pay extra for access to myIHD 'premium' features?
How do I change the password for my Aztech myIHD user account?
How much historical data does store?
How do I move devices from one user account to another?
How do I delete my old data?
What is the difference between a Device and a Display Group?


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